Glass pantry storage you’ll want to display

Glass pantry storage

So the title of this post sounds totally snore worthy, I know, I know. I said the other day that I’d been busy with work stuff recently but I’ve also been going through a bit of a cleaning and organising … Continue reading

Tid bits #2

Helloooo! I’m sorry it’s been a few weeks between blog posts. Been a bit busy lately with a few things as well as my creative art school I started a few months back. It’s been popular and that, I believe, is because people are beginning to awaken to the fact that creativity is an essential skill. Anyway, I have so many projects completed and photographed, I just need some time to sit down and edit pics and write up the details to show you!

I post regularly on the Twiggynest Facebook page so you can always keep up with ideas and conversations over there. Lately I’ve been talking a little bit about some purchases I’ve made. I’m not a big shopper but when I find something I like, I tell everyone I know, lol. Here’s a few latest finds;

I bought these Country Road drape pants on sale this week and they are seriously the most comfortable pants ever. They are on sale at the moment for $59.95 but I don’t know how much longer they will be at that price. They are made of Tencel. I remember Tencel from the 90′s, Oooo, soft!

I also recently bought this outdoor rug from a local garden and outdoor furniture centre. It’s amazing to me how pretty outdoor rugs can be these days. You can get ones to suit really contemporary styles or something a little more traditional, like this one. This splash of colour really breaks up the dated terracotta coloured stenciled cement.

Outdoor rug

Since we are talking shopping, The Brown Trading Co is starting a big sale tomorrow so if you like colour, check it out!

This is not a sponsored post, just my honest opinions :)

Fail proof Flowers

Fail proof flowers

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No bake Hand-painted Easter egg cookies

Hand painted Easter cookies

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Flashback Friday; Bunny Cookies

bunny cookies 3

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