Keeping track of your sewing and fabric supplies

Well I often post about ideas for organising craft supplies (such as my fabric organising here), as it is an ongoing battle for many including me! To help you out a little I have found a few apps that enable you keep track of your stash right down to how many yards of fabric you have of each design!

Here are the names of I few I have come accross including a few I use myself. I think it comes down to WHAT you need to organise. Is it everything? Just fabric? Patterns? Notions?

I am currently using a 99c app called Quilt stash library that allows me to take photos of the fabrics I have, put them into a category and stipulate how much of that fabric I have left. There is a $5.49 app called Fabric Stash that helps you keep track of your entire stash as well as projects and non-fabric sewing items. There are at least 3 apps called Sewing Kit by the same people that vary in price from free to $9.49 and offer a basic version through to a more detailed version all enabling you to keep track of fabrics, patterns, projects and more but vary in how much you can store and do within the apps. It does appear though that the $9.49 version is in another league in terms of how much it can do.

These are just a few of what is on offer. I have certainly not bought them all and am reserving an opinion but just thought I would let you know what I had come accross.  I am not being sponsored for it or anything like that! I just like to let you know of useful creative methods when I find them.

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