Make it: Summer pom pom scarf

It’s warming up here in Australia, but I still love my scarves! I wear scarves most of the year round. Summer scarves need to work differently to winter scarves though. They drape around you rather than sit snuggly and they … Continue reading

Slow cooker Roast Chicken, veges and gravy

I’m starting a series on slow cooker recipes as we come into the warmers months!” Is she drunk?” I hear you say? Yes, I know it sounds bonkers but isn’t the longer sunlit evenings and warm afternoons exactly when you … Continue reading

Cacao bliss balls

When I started making these I had never heard of bliss balls. A friend told me “They look like those bliss balls”, um okay, what’s that? Well I’ve since discovered that there are all sorts of bliss ball recipes around … Continue reading

Choc-orange (jaffa) Icecream cake

  Mr T asked for a jaffa icecream cake for his recent birthday. Now I’ve never seen one in the shops and although he’s a grown man he still would have been perfectly happy with a freddo frog icecream cake … Continue reading