Turn over an old leaf…..

The wind has started to blow, the leaves have turned a rusty red, the ground is being covered in a textured, gold carpet. Where did summer go? Autumn is officially here (I think it actually arrived ages ago though) and the Aussie summer has gone visiting to far away places.

Before winter arrives lets trap a little bit of the season we are in (if you are in spring, this project is absolutely gorgeous with dried petals)……here’s how to make my Autumn leaf lantern, window cards and wrapping paper;

I used to make these with my junior high school art classes. They definately require adult supervision and involvement but there are aspects that are delighful activities for the little peeps, the first step is perfect!

Grab a basket or bucket and collect as many flat colourful leaves as you can. Note; the older the leaf (brown), the longer it will last in your finished paper.

To make your paper you will need; Waxed lunch wrap, iron and ironing board, 2 pieces of clean cotton fabric, scissors

Adults only; Roll your waxed paper out wax side up on one of your pieces of fabric on top of your ironing board (you can feel which side is the waxed side, it feels smoother). Arrange your leaves, petals etc onto your waxed paper (not too many). Lay the next piece of waxed paper, wax side down on top of the leaves and line up with the bottom piece. Place your other piece of cotton on top of your waxed paper, leaf stack making sure it covers it all. Carefully iron, you should be able to tell when the paper will melt together and become flat, you will then know you have ironed enough. Allow to cool. Congratulations! You have just made your Autumn paper. Do yourself a favour and hold it in front of the light to admire!!!

To make your lanterns and window cards you will need; some glass jars, string, clear tape, your paper, tea lights and a blank card.

Measure around your jars and cut your paper to fit with a bit of an overlap. Wrap the paper around and temporarily secure with tape (the wax paper doesn’t like tape so it will only hold for a minute) Tie some decorative ribbon or string around the paper wrapped jar to secure. Put tea light inside.  GORGEOUS!

Please be careful when lighting to avoid catching paper or leaves. Also make sure that your paper doesn’t extend high above your jar as it may also catch alight.

To make the card cut a window out of a blank card ( I love decorative scissors for projects like this) and glue in some of your paper. Wrapping paper; well need I say more!

A variation you can also try which is fun is to use wax crayon shavings. This makes great kids cards, window artworks and wrapping paper. Use as much crayon shavings as you like! You can also try bits of paper and fabric.

I would love to see what you make! feel free to share on our facebook page;



Tutu Tutorial (say that 5 times fast!)

Tutus are incredibly popular with girls of all ages! They are super fast to make and really easy. I have put this tutorial in kids projects because it can be made by kids from the ages 6? and up (it really is that simple).

The tutu above has been lovingly made with soft tulle, ribbon and polkadot tulle all being attached to the main ribbon centre to make for a completely adjustable waist size. Below is a printable tutorial complete with pictures  and text I have put together for you, perfect for kids and beginners, so much fun! Make these cuties in less than half an hour for parties, gifts, Christmas or dress ups. Click here for your free downloadable tutu making instructions !!!

There are so many variations you can try, some people even make them into dresses. Experiment with what you have available and have fun!

Let me know how you went and any extra ideas in a comment below.

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