Tutu Tutorial (say that 5 times fast!)

Tutus are incredibly popular with girls of all ages! They are super fast to make and really easy. I have put this tutorial in kids projects because it can be made by kids from the ages 6? and up (it really is that simple).

The tutu above has been lovingly made with soft tulle, ribbon and polkadot tulle all being attached to the main ribbon centre to make for a completely adjustable waist size. Below is a printable tutorial complete with pictures  and text I have put together for you, perfect for kids and beginners, so much fun! Make these cuties in less than half an hour for parties, gifts, Christmas or dress ups. Click here for your free downloadable tutu making instructions !!!

There are so many variations you can try, some people even make them into dresses. Experiment with what you have available and have fun!

Let me know how you went and any extra ideas in a comment below.

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