Lacey Pops = Yummy!

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter with your families. While things have been a little quiet in my madeit store over the Easter break I had the time to organise a few of my crafty stashes that are ever growing! Today I tackled my vintage lace and fabric stacks (that one I will show you in another post, very exciting).

Meet my lace stash…….. it breeds!

To tame these lovely lashings of lace all you need are paddlepop sticks!  Wrap your lace evenly or unevenly (it’s up to you) around your paddlepop stick and tuck in the ends, I like to use a spare pop stick to do this. If you have small bits of lace you can wrap two types on each stick.

And your done! These pop sticks store yards and yards each! It really is decieving how much they hold. It has reduced my lace pile dramatically, so much that now I feel I could justify getting just a little bit more, don’t you think 🙂  Now onto my ribbon stash……Gosh! Oh and do you love my vintage duck? She holds lots of my embellishments and she and her matching little family hold my handmade cards at markets, so kitsch but so sweet.


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