Doing the bolt – Taming your fabric stash

So many of us have a fabric addiction! Well mine was what I called organised chaos. It was mostly in coordinated piles but when I started on a large project it would end up draped over my sewing chair, ironing board etc, waiting to be folded and put neatly back. Putting it back though was a pain becuase I would usually have to fold the whole pile again! Grrrr!

So….I have made myself some mini bolts!!!!!!! These will turn your fabric collection into your own private fabric store!

Comic book boards are the perfect solution for making mini bolts. They are acid free, lightweight (made of corflute), the perfect size and come in generous amounts. I have also cut up some cardboard to use instead while waiting for more corflute boards to arrive.

(FOLDING METHOD; Bring both selvage edges together, if you have more than 2 yards uncut you may need to fold in half first. Fold again lengthways so that it is a long quarter width piece. Place board at the top of your piece and fold over. then fold and roll the board down, taking the fabric as you go. Some people may pin the flappy bit at the end down, but I don’t have that many pins!)

Then I ran out of boards and I hadn’t even made an impact on my stash……………

I looked at the boards and wondered, ‘what if I use cardboard? We have lots of that’. I have also been asking at all major shops like office works etc for free ones. They are clean and sturdy and I can get 4 bolts from each. (HINT; I will be using the lids for something special soon) I have been cutting up office print A4 paper boxes ever since and am nearly there! The final picture at the top is just a progress picture and wasn’t even half way!

I bet your off to ‘do the bolt’ and find some boxes aren’t you?!

Like my pin cushion? I’ll show you that and the blog that gave me the idea another time 🙂


7 thoughts on “Doing the bolt – Taming your fabric stash

  1. I too love storing fabric this way, and recently went with the real fabric organisers as i was too lazy to do it myself lol. I just wanted to say, be careful with using standard cardboard, whilst it is cheap or free it is not acid free and designed for long term storage – think of the bolts of fabric at the store that get discolouration etc at the end from the contact with the cardboard

    • I totally agree with you 🙂 My aim is to be using completely corflute in the next few months but need a quick fix after a bundle of fabric sales I couldn’t resist! lol

  2. I’m a new blogger as well and came to visit having seen your pic on Sew Many Ways- what a great idea for the bolts! I look forward to reading you blog.

    • Thankyou Beth and welcome! I’m hoping to have a few ‘different’ craft home decor ideas to share. Thanks for your support! Which blog is yours? Would love to support another newbie.

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