Washing line hanging herb garden

I love herbs but they are $$$$$$. When I have tried to grow herbs in the past they have always been eaten by bugs or dug up by visiting animals at night. I don’t like to use snail pellets around my plants as I’m a bit fussy about chemicals in and around the home for health and safety reasons. So what’s a girl to do?………………..

Start my own herb garden using milk bottles hung on my washing line! Wash out 2 or 3 litre milk containers and cut the top out of them leaving just the side with the handle attached. Using a pin or nail pierce lots of holes in the base of the conatainer and line with some newspaper. Fill half way with organic potting mix preferably suited to herbs and veges. Plant your herb seedlings (I will also be doing strawberries when the weather is right, and the possums won’t be able to get them!). Fill in the gaps with more potting mix and gently water.

Use leftover bits of the milk bottle to make labels for your herbs, write on them with permanent marker. With a hole puncher, make a hole in the label and top of the milk bottle and tie together with a zip tie. Use another (reusable) zip tie to loop through the handle and around the washing line to hang. Too easy! This is a great project to get the kids involved with. They will love smelling the herbs and planting and watering them (hopefully eating them too!)


2 thoughts on “Washing line hanging herb garden

  1. What a Brilliant idea and little expense apart from some herb seedlings and some organic soil this is a project for this weekend just not sure if my clothes line gets enough sun I have bush behind me

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