Accessory holder- Putting pretty things on display

Hair clip holders and accessory boards are great for collecting all those little pretty things and putting them on display (and out of reach of little peeps!) I’ve made them for grown up ladies and little ladies and they look very sweet hanging on the wall.  Here’s how I have made some of mine. There are probably better ways but I’m not a fan of glue fumes and sometimes prefer to take the more time consuming approach……                                       

I started with a photo frame and removed the glass and matting, sometimes I even paint them myself. I then cut a piece of fabric a little bigger than the inside frame and a piece of wadding the same size as the backing board. I gathered some ribbons to match my fabric as well as some lace and embellishments. I arranged these until I was satisfied with the layout and cut the ribbons. I decided to machine stitch my ribbons and lace in place for strength. Hand stitching would also work and that is how I attached embellishments such as crochet flowers and buttons. I layered the pieces together and carefully placed them inside the frame pulling the fabric from the back to make sure all the ribbons were nice and tight and the fabric wasn’t puckered. After pushing the metal bits down to secure it in place I used Japanese masking tape to hide all the fabric edges and give it some extra strength. Glue would work here also. Then I carefully screwed in the hooks. I love lace and crocheted ribbons for hanging earrings and different ribbon thickness for different clips.         


8 thoughts on “Accessory holder- Putting pretty things on display

  1. What a completely adorable idea! I have 2 little girls and they would love these. My house is consumed with hair clips and silly bands and other little things that would probably look lovely hanging on one of these. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! Thanks for sharing!

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