Surprise! Who doesn’t like a pop up card!

I was playing around with my pretty papers as I often do and as I am cutting and folding I started to look at what was forming in my hands and thought, hey, this could work as a pop up flower inside a card. After some experimenting this is what I came up with…..

Cut 4 squares, each one smaller than the last in coordinating papers. Fold the square into quarters and then fold diagonally across to form a triangle. Hold the triangle at the bulky folded corner and carefully cut a semi circular shape off the top to form a petal. Un fold and fold again all the creases in the opposite way to last time so your flower will bend a shape freely. Manipulate the folds to create a flat shape as seen in the picture. This is crucial as this is what will sit inside your card and pop open. Do the same with the other squares and stack them together. Sew them together in the centre, I added a small wooden bead to hide the thread and stitching.

Now for the card itself. I printed my own card with the message; ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’, just because I thought it was a cute message but you can print or create whatever cover meassge you like. I glued a background piece of paper to the inside for extra wow and prettiness. The next bit is important; Fold your flower up so that the two side petals are flat against each other as seen in the picture above and coat them with a thin layer of glue. Line up the centre (back) of your flower with the centre crease of the card and close the card up so that the glue covered petals stick the flower down. Open up to check it is working and smooth and adjust as needed. When dry, tie with a pretty ribbon.

Surprise! Give this cheery card to a deserving friend, relative or workmate. I think the beauty of this card is the lack of need for words. It’s sure to put a smile on someone’s face without saying anything, perfect for when you don’t know what to write! Happy crafting!


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