Toy or craft box for a few dollars!

I hear people saying all the time that they don’t have enough storage for all the bits and pieces they collect. Maybe its fabric scraps, paperwork or toys but the fact is storage costs money and lots of it…….or does it?

Printer paper boxes are very sturdy and they are free! If you don’t have access to any you can ask at businesses or department stores that do lots of printing. For this project I used the printer paper boxes, lids and the laminate you can get from the hardware store, it’s nearly the same as contact for covering books which would also work well I suspect.

I covered all the writing and branding on the box in white paper first because I found it showed through the covering. It just looks better when I paste a few plain sheets of paper on first. I found that one roll covered one box with a bit of overhang to partially cover the inside of the box as well. These boxes seem to fit quite nicely in the popular cube storage you see around AND with the plastic covering they wipe clean!


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