Pucker up! – fast handmade lip gloss

Last week I recieved a link to this lip gloss tutorial from Wonder Forest and I have been busting to have a go at making some myself all weekend! And now I have, yay! It really was soooo easy and fast. This post is my version using bits of blush that had nearly run out, can you see the different shades in the picture above?

I used some Vaseline (petroleum jelly), a little makeup container, small mixing tool and some left over blush that had just about run out. I mixed it all together and that’s it! I am hoping to pop into a health food store in the next week to see if I can find a natural product to replace the Vaseline. The Vaseline works really well but I would like to try to make a natural version and see how that goes. Any ideas for a natural product that is safe to use on your lips?


Take a seat….Recovered folding chair.

I really wanted a folding chair in my craft room so that I could move it out of the way and maximise the workable floor space for larger projects. The chair I had was great but always seemed to be getting in the way. I have also used this as my market chair for the few times I take my creations to market each year as it doesn’t take up much valuable space. If you have done markets, you know exactly what I am talking about!

I found this chair at our local hardware store for $7, yep $7! I have since seen ones in silver which I would have preferred to the black for around $8. Bargain! The seat and the back rest are screwed onto the frame and need to removed with a small screw driver. I then stretched my black and white decor weight fabric straight over the top of the existing cover, a bit lazy but it works! I used my staple gun to stretch and secure it onto the seat before screwing back onto the frame. The back rest was too thin for my staples and they came through the other side. Ouch! That would be uncomfortable! I kind of taped the fabric to secure it before screwing back onto the frame which has now hidden the tape I used. I think it looks ok. I have another one that I want to try something a little different with, but thats for another day……

Ahhh-Tissue! Soft, colourful flannel hankies to cheer up a sore nose

Could this be one of my most colourful posts?! I have purposely used my favourite colourful flannels for this project because I believe colour evokes happy feelings and energy and that is exactly what children need when they have a sore red nose. These hankies are soooo soft, are a lovely double thickness and are reversible. They also double as burp cloths and would make a great new mum present or a get well present for a little person. I am going to make some for my handbag too with some lovely shabby chic floral flannel (say that five times quick) that is on its way from Fabric Love.

So here is the how;

I cut coordinating squares of flannel 32 cm each side. You could upcycle flannelette sheets or pjs for this too. Each hankie uses two squares. Place your coordinating sqaures right sides together and sew (1 cm in) around the edge leaving a 10 cm opening so you can turn it right side out. I find it easiest to start sewing 10 cm before a corner so that the opening is in the middle of an edge and not on a corner. Trim the excess off the corners before turning out. Gently use your fingers to push the fabric to the corners and then iron your hankie so that all the seams are neat and the opening is ironed in. Starting at a corner, sew along the egde (5mms in?) all the way around ao that it also sews up the opening and then when you meet up with the start again sew diagonally across the hankie and backstitch to finish. Sew another diagonal line across the hankie in the opposite direction, backstitching at each end again. You are stitching an X on your hankie to quilt the layers together, this will help it keep it’s shape. All done!

I have made these a bit larger than some as I like to be able to put them in the dryer as I think it helps sort of sterilise them after washing. Please note these are like a little blanket and are not safe to leave unattended with a baby or toddler as they might cover their airways, they are not a toy either.

Sale Shoe Shuffle

I ordered these shoes because I loooove ballet flats and the black pairs always wear out the quickest for me so when I saw these genuine leather ones on sale I told myself they were needed because they would hopefully last longer. When they arrived I was a bit unsure of the bow….. It had this shiny plasticy layer that distracted me because it totally took away from the fact that they were leather and made them look like plastic. I am not a materialistic person and would be perfectly happy wearing them BUT, I do have an abundance of crafty materials and fabric and love to personalise my wardrobe so why not take to the shoes with scissors!

I cut each side of the bow off, leaving  the centre bit as it automatically gives me something to easily stitch onto. I adore crochet lace, so I made a crocheted lace yoyo (I have used a contrasting thread in the photos so you can easily see how) by stitching along the edge and pulling into a circle. I then stictched the lace yoyo to a black circle of felt to hold it together and then stitched my rhinestone button embellishment on top. Lastly the complete yoyo was stitched to what was left of the bow. I recommend using a thimble to gently push the needle underneath. Don’t force your needle as it could break and cause injury. If you don’t have anything to stitch onto and your shoe is too thick to get through safely with a needle and thread you may prefer to use a strong glue.

So there it is, the finished product and you know what? I’m still not sure about them, but the point is I can very easily change it again if I want to, it is half the fun anyway! What do you think?

A crafty science experiment kids and toddlers will adore.

Kids craft week day 4; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity every day, eeek!

Today we are making goo! This stuff is sooooo weird! I learnt this experiment from collegues that used it as a highschool science experiment but I found that even toddlers adore this project. It’s non-toxic too (assuming they are not allergic to cornflour or colouring) so if they lick their fingers, don’t stress. I know it is more science than craft but hey, kids love it so here it is…..

I would recommend doing this project outside but if not, it does clean up amazingly well with water and baby wipes. Put a cup of cornflour in a mixing bowl and gradually add water until you get what LOOKS like liquid but is very hard to stir and breaks up a bit too when you do try. If it is very chalky you will need a bit more water. Add some colouring, just for fun, no other reason, it will be hard to stir it through but that is part of the fun. What you end up with is this amazing goo that you can pick up like you would playdough but that instantly turns to liquid when you hold it still. Tap it quickly with your fingers and it will be like hard plastic. Gently touch it and it will be like water. Soooooooo weird! You have to try this to understand it, it is hard to explain it but it feels like nothing else, very strange. Oh yeah, and don’t go eating spoonfulls of it, I am not sure how easy it would be to digest!

I would love to see what pictures you come up with so feel free to post on the Facebook page or comment under here!!!  Twiggy Nest Facebook page

Bling it On! Crafty kids shoes

Kids craft week day 3; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity every day, eeek!

Well this post has to be one of my all time favourites. For this creation I got a one word instruction in the brief from my client. RAINBOW!!! So here is what we did;

I found these slip on canvas shoes at Target for $10 and they begged me to buy them for a makeover. I have seen other styles around that are sometimes even cheaper. We used a paintbrush, fabric paint and fabric glitter paint, rainbow ribbon and buttons. They could have also enjoyed some sequins, beads, fabric markers, appliques, felt, beads, charms, lace…..the list goes on. After painting the shoes with the fabric paint we had available we did a couple of coats of the glitter fabric paint and left to dry. I sewed on the chosen buttons and threaded the new (ribbon) shoelaces (these can actually stay done up as they are still slip ons). This project has so many possibilities. I will be making some (much more subdued) pattern ones for myself so stay tuned for another week. I can imagine piratey boat canvas shoes for boys with skulls and crossbones. This would also make a great gift for a little crafty friend, just package up the plain shoes, fabric paint and decorations for them to make themselves. Now to find some trinkets to thread onto the laces because there just isn’t enough going on there already! What do you think?!

I would love to see what pictures you come up with so feel free to post on the Facebook page or comment under here!!!  Twiggy Nest Facebook page

Two in one kids craft- Popsicle stick puzzle

Kids craft week day 2; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity every day, eeek!

Today’s craft activity is great for kids on a number of levels. They get to colour in and then they get to keep playing with their artwork for as long as they would like. I know my pictures this week are a little rough around the edges but they are honest. I want them to be realistic and achievable and it seems wrong to make perfect little examples for your kids to try and copy, just to wonder why it didn’t work out the same way. Here’s to some real life and achieveable activities, cheers! Now that I’ve had that little rant here’s the how to;

I downloaded a free colouring in sheet of Zoe from Sesame Street from the brilliant ABC 4 Kids website and after it had been lovingly coloured in we lined up the craft (popsicle) sticks neatly. You can use paddlepop sticks but craft sticks are a little wider and easier to manage. You can find them at craft stores or I found a packet at a junky style shop for one dollar. Cover the back of the picture in Modge Podge or PVA glue (you could use a glue stick or clag too) and carefully place right side up on top of the craft sticks and smooth down without the craft sticks moving. Coat the top of the picture in a layer of Modge Podge or PVA to protect it if you have it available and leave to dry. The next bit is definately adults only! While your kids are busy doing something else or better still having a nap, very carefully cut the picture to separate the sticks. I used a craft knife, don’t stress if it’s a bit wonky. You now have all your puzzle pieces! For young kids, I recommend writing numbers in the order of the puzzle pieces to help them out a little and it’s educational too! This project works well with photos as an alternative or you could just draw straight onto the craft sticks by placing them on some tape so they stay together while you paint or draw.

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Creature Features. Collage fun for the kids.

Kids craft week day 1; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity everyday, eeek!

This collage activity is a favourite for kids, little and big. I know because I have used it as a back up craft activity with over 500+ kids over the years and it always gets a laugh (even from the “I’m to cool for this” kids!) The examples here are just a few made quickly on a rainy afternoon but you can make heaps of these from catalogs, magazines, even books that you would normally throw away. Just cut out random pictures and create a never before seen picture! You could give them funny captions or make a book or cartoon strip with them. There are no rules and the more random the better. The key is to let your kids just go with it and make them however they like. You may be suprised at the things they come up with as their big imaginations take over. Give it a go too as they will love to laugh at your funny pictures too. It’s great to make silly art and fantastic to laugh at each others masterpieces for a change. Happy crafting.  P.S. I would love to see what pictures you come up with so feel free to post on the Facebook page or comment under here!!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Twiggy-Nest/302786773109952