Creature Features. Collage fun for the kids.

Kids craft week day 1; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity everyday, eeek!

This collage activity is a favourite for kids, little and big. I know because I have used it as a back up craft activity with over 500+ kids over the years and it always gets a laugh (even from the “I’m to cool for this” kids!) The examples here are just a few made quickly on a rainy afternoon but you can make heaps of these from catalogs, magazines, even books that you would normally throw away. Just cut out random pictures and create a never before seen picture! You could give them funny captions or make a book or cartoon strip with them. There are no rules and the more random the better. The key is to let your kids just go with it and make them however they like. You may be suprised at the things they come up with as their big imaginations take over. Give it a go too as they will love to laugh at your funny pictures too. It’s great to make silly art and fantastic to laugh at each others masterpieces for a change. Happy crafting.  P.S. I would love to see what pictures you come up with so feel free to post on the Facebook page or comment under here!!!


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