Two in one kids craft- Popsicle stick puzzle

Kids craft week day 2; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity every day, eeek!

Today’s craft activity is great for kids on a number of levels. They get to colour in and then they get to keep playing with their artwork for as long as they would like. I know my pictures this week are a little rough around the edges but they are honest. I want them to be realistic and achievable and it seems wrong to make perfect little examples for your kids to try and copy, just to wonder why it didn’t work out the same way. Here’s to some real life and achieveable activities, cheers! Now that I’ve had that little rant here’s the how to;

I downloaded a free colouring in sheet of Zoe from Sesame Street from the brilliant ABC 4 Kids website and after it had been lovingly coloured in we lined up the craft (popsicle) sticks neatly. You can use paddlepop sticks but craft sticks are a little wider and easier to manage. You can find them at craft stores or I found a packet at a junky style shop for one dollar. Cover the back of the picture in Modge Podge or PVA glue (you could use a glue stick or clag too) and carefully place right side up on top of the craft sticks and smooth down without the craft sticks moving. Coat the top of the picture in a layer of Modge Podge or PVA to protect it if you have it available and leave to dry. The next bit is definately adults only! While your kids are busy doing something else or better still having a nap, very carefully cut the picture to separate the sticks. I used a craft knife, don’t stress if it’s a bit wonky. You now have all your puzzle pieces! For young kids, I recommend writing numbers in the order of the puzzle pieces to help them out a little and it’s educational too! This project works well with photos as an alternative or you could just draw straight onto the craft sticks by placing them on some tape so they stay together while you paint or draw.

I would love to see what pictures you come up with so feel free to post on the Facebook page or comment under here!!!  Twiggy Nest Facebook page


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