Bling it On! Crafty kids shoes

Kids craft week day 3; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity every day, eeek!

Well this post has to be one of my all time favourites. For this creation I got a one word instruction in the brief from my client. RAINBOW!!! So here is what we did;

I found these slip on canvas shoes at Target for $10 and they begged me to buy them for a makeover. I have seen other styles around that are sometimes even cheaper. We used a paintbrush, fabric paint and fabric glitter paint, rainbow ribbon and buttons. They could have also enjoyed some sequins, beads, fabric markers, appliques, felt, beads, charms, lace…..the list goes on. After painting the shoes with the fabric paint we had available we did a couple of coats of the glitter fabric paint and left to dry. I sewed on the chosen buttons and threaded the new (ribbon) shoelaces (these can actually stay done up as they are still slip ons). This project has so many possibilities. I will be making some (much more subdued) pattern ones for myself so stay tuned for another week. I can imagine piratey boat canvas shoes for boys with skulls and crossbones. This would also make a great gift for a little crafty friend, just package up the plain shoes, fabric paint and decorations for them to make themselves. Now to find some trinkets to thread onto the laces because there just isn’t enough going on there already! What do you think?!

I would love to see what pictures you come up with so feel free to post on the Facebook page or comment under here!!!  Twiggy Nest Facebook page


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