A crafty science experiment kids and toddlers will adore.

Kids craft week day 4; Welcome to kids craft week at Twiggy Nest. Feel free to share and follow on the blog and Facebook page as we post a different craft activity every day, eeek!

Today we are making goo! This stuff is sooooo weird! I learnt this experiment from collegues that used it as a highschool science experiment but I found that even toddlers adore this project. It’s non-toxic too (assuming they are not allergic to cornflour or colouring) so if they lick their fingers, don’t stress. I know it is more science than craft but hey, kids love it so here it is…..

I would recommend doing this project outside but if not, it does clean up amazingly well with water and baby wipes. Put a cup of cornflour in a mixing bowl and gradually add water until you get what LOOKS like liquid but is very hard to stir and breaks up a bit too when you do try. If it is very chalky you will need a bit more water. Add some colouring, just for fun, no other reason, it will be hard to stir it through but that is part of the fun. What you end up with is this amazing goo that you can pick up like you would playdough but that instantly turns to liquid when you hold it still. Tap it quickly with your fingers and it will be like hard plastic. Gently touch it and it will be like water. Soooooooo weird! You have to try this to understand it, it is hard to explain it but it feels like nothing else, very strange. Oh yeah, and don’t go eating spoonfulls of it, I am not sure how easy it would be to digest!

I would love to see what pictures you come up with so feel free to post on the Facebook page or comment under here!!!  Twiggy Nest Facebook page


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