Sale Shoe Shuffle

I ordered these shoes because I loooove ballet flats and the black pairs always wear out the quickest for me so when I saw these genuine leather ones on sale I told myself they were needed because they would hopefully last longer. When they arrived I was a bit unsure of the bow….. It had this shiny plasticy layer that distracted me because it totally took away from the fact that they were leather and made them look like plastic. I am not a materialistic person and would be perfectly happy wearing them BUT, I do have an abundance of crafty materials and fabric and love to personalise my wardrobe so why not take to the shoes with scissors!

I cut each side of the bow off, leaving  the centre bit as it automatically gives me something to easily stitch onto. I adore crochet lace, so I made a crocheted lace yoyo (I have used a contrasting thread in the photos so you can easily see how) by stitching along the edge and pulling into a circle. I then stictched the lace yoyo to a black circle of felt to hold it together and then stitched my rhinestone button embellishment on top. Lastly the complete yoyo was stitched to what was left of the bow. I recommend using a thimble to gently push the needle underneath. Don’t force your needle as it could break and cause injury. If you don’t have anything to stitch onto and your shoe is too thick to get through safely with a needle and thread you may prefer to use a strong glue.

So there it is, the finished product and you know what? I’m still not sure about them, but the point is I can very easily change it again if I want to, it is half the fun anyway! What do you think?


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