Ahhh-Tissue! Soft, colourful flannel hankies to cheer up a sore nose

Could this be one of my most colourful posts?! I have purposely used my favourite colourful flannels for this project because I believe colour evokes happy feelings and energy and that is exactly what children need when they have a sore red nose. These hankies are soooo soft, are a lovely double thickness and are reversible. They also double as burp cloths and would make a great new mum present or a get well present for a little person. I am going to make some for my handbag too with some lovely shabby chic floral flannel (say that five times quick) that is on its way from Fabric Love.

So here is the how;

I cut coordinating squares of flannel 32 cm each side. You could upcycle flannelette sheets or pjs for this too. Each hankie uses two squares. Place your coordinating sqaures right sides together and sew (1 cm in) around the edge leaving a 10 cm opening so you can turn it right side out. I find it easiest to start sewing 10 cm before a corner so that the opening is in the middle of an edge and not on a corner. Trim the excess off the corners before turning out. Gently use your fingers to push the fabric to the corners and then iron your hankie so that all the seams are neat and the opening is ironed in. Starting at a corner, sew along the egde (5mms in?) all the way around ao that it also sews up the opening and then when you meet up with the start again sew diagonally across the hankie and backstitch to finish. Sew another diagonal line across the hankie in the opposite direction, backstitching at each end again. You are stitching an X on your hankie to quilt the layers together, this will help it keep it’s shape. All done!

I have made these a bit larger than some as I like to be able to put them in the dryer as I think it helps sort of sterilise them after washing. Please note these are like a little blanket and are not safe to leave unattended with a baby or toddler as they might cover their airways, they are not a toy either.


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