Take a seat….Recovered folding chair.

I really wanted a folding chair in my craft room so that I could move it out of the way and maximise the workable floor space for larger projects. The chair I had was great but always seemed to be getting in the way. I have also used this as my market chair for the few times I take my creations to market each year as it doesn’t take up much valuable space. If you have done markets, you know exactly what I am talking about!

I found this chair at our local hardware store for $7, yep $7! I have since seen ones in silver which I would have preferred to the black for around $8. Bargain! The seat and the back rest are screwed onto the frame and need to removed with a small screw driver. I then stretched my black and white decor weight fabric straight over the top of the existing cover, a bit lazy but it works! I used my staple gun to stretch and secure it onto the seat before screwing back onto the frame. The back rest was too thin for my staples and they came through the other side. Ouch! That would be uncomfortable! I kind of taped the fabric to secure it before screwing back onto the frame which has now hidden the tape I used. I think it looks ok. I have another one that I want to try something a little different with, but thats for another day……


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