Pucker up! – fast handmade lip gloss

Last week I recieved a link to this lip gloss tutorial from Wonder Forest and I have been busting to have a go at making some myself all weekend! And now I have, yay! It really was soooo easy and fast. This post is my version using bits of blush that had nearly run out, can you see the different shades in the picture above?

I used some Vaseline (petroleum jelly), a little makeup container, small mixing tool and some left over blush that had just about run out. I mixed it all together and that’s it! I am hoping to pop into a health food store in the next week to see if I can find a natural product to replace the Vaseline. The Vaseline works really well but I would like to try to make a natural version and see how that goes. Any ideas for a natural product that is safe to use on your lips?


2 thoughts on “Pucker up! – fast handmade lip gloss

  1. I’ve seen several recipes for homemade natural lip gloss/lipstick, which are mostly vegetable oils mixed with a little melted beeswax and natural colorants like powdered beetroot.

    • Thanks Nickie, I will look into that. I will be catching up with a bee keepeing family that have a honey making hobby in a few weeks and I’m hoping I might be able to get some ingredients from them to try 🙂

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