Shaving cream printing – rainbow clouds

This activity is fun BUT it is messy! Toddlers might try and eat it so we wouldn’t suggest doing this activity with them (as yummy as it may look!) Ready to see how we made these pretty rainbow piccys?

We used a large plastic tray and lined it in thick shaving cream. We then dropped food colouring onto the cream and swirled it around with the back of a disposable spoon. Using plain paper we “printed’ the colours by smoothing it onto the shaving cream, gently lifting it off and then scraping the shaving cream off with some cardboard (a plastic plastering tool might work well too). Then we hung them to dry. Next time I would use card stock as the paper gets a bit wet and fragile. I aslo think the card stock would be perfect for card making, decorations and paper flowers and it smells really good! Bonus!


Chalk board tags – so versatile

I have had these mdf wooden tags for a while and knew what I wanted to try with them. I really wanted to make them into reusable tags to use with my market displays and labelling as well as for gift tags and name places for special occassions. Basically I just really like how versatile they are. Wipe them clean and resuse them for so many different things. Now that I’m so happy with how they turned out I will be getting some round ones to paint too as I think they would look pretty cute. So how easy were they? Very;

I cut some wire and threaded it through the hole in the top of each tag. I then got my chalk board paint tin and gently dipped each tag in the tin and waited till they stopped dripping before hanging them up to dry. The paint pools at the bottom a bit so I blotted the end of each of them on paper to stop paint bubbles forming on the base. The paint also creates a bubble in the hole at the top. This is very easily fixed by gently blowing on them to pop the bubble when you hang them up to dry. Once dry and the wire is removed they are ready to thread and use! What would you use them for?

MDF tags are available in our Craftumi store 🙂

Milk painting

Yep, milk painting! It’s hard to believe this is milk. Sounds odd but it is seriously good fun. I’m sure there is a scientific reason for what looks like fireworks occurring in my kitchen crockery due to a combination of soap and full fat milk combining, but I think it looks preeeeety.

So what is this all about? Here goes! We got a shallow dish and poured a layer of full cream milk over the base of the dish. We dropped food colouring into the milk randomly. I had read to use a toothpick dipped in dish washing liquid for this next bit but we only had tooth pick umbrellas in the cupboard, haha, how glamorous! The idea is that if you dip a toothpick in dishwashing liquid and then drip it into the food colouring spots the colours will begin to erupt like fireworks, and they do! Plus they just keep going, it’s quite mesmerising actually. Typically I got a bit enthusiastic and started dripping small teaspoonfuls into the colours and watching the show, it is quite impressive! I wish I had a video of it to show you but you can gather by the pictures how much the colours move around. Just when we thought we could see all the colours on the surface, suddenly all this red or yellow would erupt from the bottom and it would start its dance all over again. Very cool. (Oh, and don’t drink it!)

Ribbon and Lace organisers

My ribbon and lace is again out of control! I’ve been looking into ways to organise them and have posted ideas before but thought I would share a couple more here today.

I found this tissue container tube in the shops and knew it would be useful for something and it is! It is working well as a ribbon organiser. Once it was empty I recovered it with vinyl from the hardware store (adhesive contact for covering books would also work as would scapbooking paper or wall paper). I rolled up the ribbon and layered it in with an end spilling over the top. I then fed the end through the lid and done! For my lace and other ribbons I am using these mdf organisers that are available in my craftumi supplies store. They work really well are very sturdy and have a hole at the top for hanging or can be lined up easily on a book shelf or however you like. Organising my art and craft things is a daily challenge for me so I try and share ideas where I can. There are other organisation ideas on our blog, start in our organisation category section 🙂

No-sew note book cover with pen holder

I have waaaay too many ideas for things to make all swimming around in my head all at once that unless I wrote them all down I would struggle to remember them all. Therefore a journal, note book or two or three is a necessity for me. I have been chipping away at this little design project this week and to be honest I will be revisiting it again as I have come up with a different way of doing it. My new ideas involve sewing though and the great thing about this little project is that you don’t need to sew and it can be done super quick. So here is my version of a no-sew note book cover with built in pen holder.

I just love the simplicity of this design and I love that it keeps my pen and paper together and keeps my notebook all closed up. I used felt for this cover because of its forgiveness when I don’t feel like sewing or I need a quiet project. You can see the shape I cut out in the photo. Basically it has a cut out section that meets up with the two slits on the other side, this is what the pen slides through. I cut the felt the right size to cover the outside surface of my note book. I glued the back of the notebook and spine to the felt. On the front of the notebook I traced slightly larger than where the slits will be so I could make sure no glue went in this spot. The pen needs to be able to go under the felt. I glued down the front and left to dry. Once dry I folded over the front flap to line up with the cuts and slid the pen through to secure it closed.

Ironically I did end up doing some decorative stitching on the felt piece before I glued it. I also stitched on some ribbon to finish off the edge, not sure about it though 🙂

What do you think?

Learning about colour via an amazing (not) magic trick!

When I was little I recieved a magic trick book. I thought I was super good at it and used to put on shows for the fam (did I just say that out loud!) During one of my much anticpated (cough, cough) magic performances I did my famous water colour trick.Now YOU might think the trick is totally obvious but my brother who is a few years younger (must have been about 5 at the time), was in awe. I remember when I did it he flipped out and was jaw droppingly amazed, haha! So I will break my silence on this amazing trick and share it with you (be prepared to NOT be very amazed!)

We gathered some clear plastic cups and a water filled jug, some food colouring and a wand (wand is optional). After lining up the cups I put a drop of red, blue and yellow food colouring into the bottom of three cups, one colour per cup. This needed to be done before the show because we wouldn’t want anyone to figure it out, lol! We then poured our clear water dramtically into each cup and it magicallly changed colour, GASP! Yeah, Yeah, I know you can see the coloued drop in the bottom of the cup! I have obviously given you front row seats to this amazing act.

The colours can then be added to each other to create new colours. This is a great way for kids to learn about colour and how to make secondary colours using the three primary colours. The ‘magic’ trick is fun and the colours that come from it are absolutely gorgeous.

TA, DAAAAAAAAA! (Waves wand)