Learning about colour via an amazing (not) magic trick!

When I was little I recieved a magic trick book. I thought I was super good at it and used to put on shows for the fam (did I just say that out loud!) During one of my much anticpated (cough, cough) magic performances I did my famous water colour trick.Now YOU might think the trick is totally obvious but my brother who is a few years younger (must have been about 5 at the time), was in awe. I remember when I did it he flipped out and was jaw droppingly amazed, haha! So I will break my silence on this amazing trick and share it with you (be prepared to NOT be very amazed!)

We gathered some clear plastic cups and a water filled jug, some food colouring and a wand (wand is optional). After lining up the cups I put a drop of red, blue and yellow food colouring into the bottom of three cups, one colour per cup. This needed to be done before the show because we wouldn’t want anyone to figure it out, lol! We then poured our clear water dramtically into each cup and it magicallly changed colour, GASP! Yeah, Yeah, I know you can see the coloued drop in the bottom of the cup! I have obviously given you front row seats to this amazing act.

The colours can then be added to each other to create new colours. This is a great way for kids to learn about colour and how to make secondary colours using the three primary colours. The ‘magic’ trick is fun and the colours that come from it are absolutely gorgeous.

TA, DAAAAAAAAA! (Waves wand) 


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