No-sew note book cover with pen holder

I have waaaay too many ideas for things to make all swimming around in my head all at once that unless I wrote them all down I would struggle to remember them all. Therefore a journal, note book or two or three is a necessity for me. I have been chipping away at this little design project this week and to be honest I will be revisiting it again as I have come up with a different way of doing it. My new ideas involve sewing though and the great thing about this little project is that you don’t need to sew and it can be done super quick. So here is my version of a no-sew note book cover with built in pen holder.

I just love the simplicity of this design and I love that it keeps my pen and paper together and keeps my notebook all closed up. I used felt for this cover because of its forgiveness when I don’t feel like sewing or I need a quiet project. You can see the shape I cut out in the photo. Basically it has a cut out section that meets up with the two slits on the other side, this is what the pen slides through. I cut the felt the right size to cover the outside surface of my note book. I glued the back of the notebook and spine to the felt. On the front of the notebook I traced slightly larger than where the slits will be so I could make sure no glue went in this spot. The pen needs to be able to go under the felt. I glued down the front and left to dry. Once dry I folded over the front flap to line up with the cuts and slid the pen through to secure it closed.

Ironically I did end up doing some decorative stitching on the felt piece before I glued it. I also stitched on some ribbon to finish off the edge, not sure about it though 🙂

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “No-sew note book cover with pen holder

  1. Such a cute idea. I also love it and can’t wait to try it! I am new to your blog and I love it. I could sit here all day reading your posts!

  2. Love it!! I saw this like 10 years ago with distressed leather, and have always wanted to make one since I can’t find them anywhere now. Good job!

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