Ribbon and Lace organisers

My ribbon and lace is again out of control! I’ve been looking into ways to organise them and have posted ideas before but thought I would share a couple more here today.

I found this tissue container tube in the shops and knew it would be useful for something and it is! It is working well as a ribbon organiser. Once it was empty I recovered it with vinyl from the hardware store (adhesive contact for covering books would also work as would scapbooking paper or wall paper). I rolled up the ribbon and layered it in with an end spilling over the top. I then fed the end through the lid and done! For my lace and other ribbons I am using these mdf organisers that are available in my craftumi supplies store. They work really well are very sturdy and have a hole at the top for hanging or can be lined up easily on a book shelf or however you like. Organising my art and craft things is a daily challenge for me so I try and share ideas where I can. There are other organisation ideas on our blog, start in our organisation category section 🙂


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