Milk painting

Yep, milk painting! It’s hard to believe this is milk. Sounds odd but it is seriously good fun. I’m sure there is a scientific reason for what looks like fireworks occurring in my kitchen crockery due to a combination of soap and full fat milk combining, but I think it looks preeeeety.

So what is this all about? Here goes! We got a shallow dish and poured a layer of full cream milk over the base of the dish. We dropped food colouring into the milk randomly. I had read to use a toothpick dipped in dish washing liquid for this next bit but we only had tooth pick umbrellas in the cupboard, haha, how glamorous! The idea is that if you dip a toothpick in dishwashing liquid and then drip it into the food colouring spots the colours will begin to erupt like fireworks, and they do! Plus they just keep going, it’s quite mesmerising actually. Typically I got a bit enthusiastic and started dripping small teaspoonfuls into the colours and watching the show, it is quite impressive! I wish I had a video of it to show you but you can gather by the pictures how much the colours move around. Just when we thought we could see all the colours on the surface, suddenly all this red or yellow would erupt from the bottom and it would start its dance all over again. Very cool. (Oh, and don’t drink it!)


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