Chalk board tags – so versatile

I have had these mdf wooden tags for a while and knew what I wanted to try with them. I really wanted to make them into reusable tags to use with my market displays and labelling as well as for gift tags and name places for special occassions. Basically I just really like how versatile they are. Wipe them clean and resuse them for so many different things. Now that I’m so happy with how they turned out I will be getting some round ones to paint too as I think they would look pretty cute. So how easy were they? Very;

I cut some wire and threaded it through the hole in the top of each tag. I then got my chalk board paint tin and gently dipped each tag in the tin and waited till they stopped dripping before hanging them up to dry. The paint pools at the bottom a bit so I blotted the end of each of them on paper to stop paint bubbles forming on the base. The paint also creates a bubble in the hole at the top. This is very easily fixed by gently blowing on them to pop the bubble when you hang them up to dry. Once dry and the wire is removed they are ready to thread and use! What would you use them for?

MDF tags are available in our Craftumi store 🙂


4 thoughts on “Chalk board tags – so versatile

    • Hi Jane,
      I was hoping to have them up already but I will have some listed in my Craftumi store this weekend. I am thinking of stocking some round ones too as I think they would be more verstaile and could even be used for Christmas decorations???? Thats another blog post right there!

    • Thanks Tonya, I’m hoping they are a pretty way for people to easily navigate though topics they find interesting. I was a bit chuffed with them, thanks for the help 🙂

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