DIY country bouquet


I needed to pick up a gift for a lovely lady who had recently done us a favour and I decided flowers would be the perfect way to say thank you. I chose some flowers from a wonderful, friendly local florist in pastels that had lots of buds ready to open over the next week or so. They came with a reservoir of water and wrapped in florist paper. To give the flowers a personal touch though I removed the florist paper, added some bunches of tiny flowers from the garden to fill it out and then wrapped it in burlap and tied it up with vintage lace. It looks very country and feminine, I think, do you?  



High tea party favours

Well if you have been following our blog posts you will know that I have been planning a high tea themed bridal shower. I have been busily making decorations that I will share tutorials on soon but I also thought you might like to see the party favours. I thought cute little gourmet jams would be in keeping with the theme and a lovely reminder after the day.

I found these gorgeous little jams and marmalades in a variety of flavours from the Gourmet Grocer. I wrapped them with a couple of layers of tissue paper, tied them up with some coloured twine and topped them with a doily thankyou note I made with the same app as the invitation that I printed onto card. I have a few more to make but just wanted to share.

Note board – Why chickens should be super organised….

When I was a child I was dancing and jumping around and I jumped onto a thumb tack or pin, I actually heard my foot go pop! Since then I have had an irrational fear of pin boards and only have them above desks etc, not above walkways. This is all well and good except that it puts a lot of pressure on the fridge door to hold everything, which it doesn’t, and everything ends up on the kitchen bench. Then came chicken wire and pegs….. They hold so much and when framed can turn a pile of notes and drawings into a mood board or good looking organiser. Chickens have no excuse for mess really, if they had some pegs (and maybe opposable thumbs) they could be so organised and inspired. If I could cover a whole wall in wire for displaying drawings I would. So here’s the how….

I bought an old timber frame whilst thrifting and took out the old print and sanded it, the frame that is. I painted it in a crisp white semi gloss left over from renovations. I found some large chicken wire and cut with wire cutters to be the same size as the frame. I would recommend wearing tough, thick gloves because wire scratches and cuts like a cat with a bad temper. Using my staple gun I tried as best I could to staple the wire in place to the inside of the frame so that it would sit out from the wall and backing but in hindsight the wire is so mouldable it probably didn’t matter. I ended up just stapling it to the back of the frame on the longest sides. I then painted the wire with white paint. I used a brush. Once dry I stapled the burlap or hessian to the back of the frame and covered some wooden pegs in decorative papers and lace. It is really handy and I am going to make more with some other frames and patterned fabric.

Shabby chic paper lanterns

 If you follow us on Facebook you will know that we have the privilege of organising and decorating a bridal shower with a high tea theme. So I will be blogging about how I make all the little bits and pieces that will be going into creating this event. Many of the things we are making can be used to decorate all kinds of parties and weddings!

So here is the first item we have made; shabby chic paper lanterns with a vintage, high tea feel. I found these paper lanterns in a cheap store for just a few dollars each and typically bought them knowing they would come in handy! They are plain white and battery operated but needed a bit of personality, don’t you think? The colour theme we have been given is an aqua blue so we started by finger painting polka dots onto the lanterns in a colour I mixed myself. While these were drying we cut out fabric flowers from the ‘Delilah’ range by Tanya Whelan (droooool!). Next step was to decoupage the fabric flowers carefully onto the lanterns using Modge Podge. If you don’t have Modge Podge you could use PVA glue. I already loved the way they looked but didn’t like the plastic chunky piece on the bottom and wished we had some tassel lace to cover it up with, but alas we did not. The next best thing was some coordinating ribbon. These are going to add to the variety of hanging decorations we are making for the event and afterwards I could imagine they would be beautiful decorations in a girls room or birthday party. Preeeetty. Would you do this technique the same or differently?