Shabby chic paper lanterns

 If you follow us on Facebook you will know that we have the privilege of organising and decorating a bridal shower with a high tea theme. So I will be blogging about how I make all the little bits and pieces that will be going into creating this event. Many of the things we are making can be used to decorate all kinds of parties and weddings!

So here is the first item we have made; shabby chic paper lanterns with a vintage, high tea feel. I found these paper lanterns in a cheap store for just a few dollars each and typically bought them knowing they would come in handy! They are plain white and battery operated but needed a bit of personality, don’t you think? The colour theme we have been given is an aqua blue so we started by finger painting polka dots onto the lanterns in a colour I mixed myself. While these were drying we cut out fabric flowers from the ‘Delilah’ range by Tanya Whelan (droooool!). Next step was to decoupage the fabric flowers carefully onto the lanterns using Modge Podge. If you don’t have Modge Podge you could use PVA glue. I already loved the way they looked but didn’t like the plastic chunky piece on the bottom and wished we had some tassel lace to cover it up with, but alas we did not. The next best thing was some coordinating ribbon. These are going to add to the variety of hanging decorations we are making for the event and afterwards I could imagine they would be beautiful decorations in a girls room or birthday party. Preeeetty. Would you do this technique the same or differently?


5 thoughts on “Shabby chic paper lanterns

  1. Oooh… so pretty! I have had a few blank lanterns lying around here for a while now and didn’t know exactly what to do with them. You’ve just solved that problem for me! I can see some vintage floral fabric going on my lanterns sometime in the near future! Just got to get some mod podge!!! Thanks hun x

  2. They are just beautiful – the bride to be is so blessed to have such a beautiful and talented friend to create such beautiful things for her High Tea. At first I thought you may have used paper for the flowers but I really like the idea of fabric, it will be so pretty with the little lights on inside.
    Can’t wait to see what is next 🙂

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