Note board – Why chickens should be super organised….

When I was a child I was dancing and jumping around and I jumped onto a thumb tack or pin, I actually heard my foot go pop! Since then I have had an irrational fear of pin boards and only have them above desks etc, not above walkways. This is all well and good except that it puts a lot of pressure on the fridge door to hold everything, which it doesn’t, and everything ends up on the kitchen bench. Then came chicken wire and pegs….. They hold so much and when framed can turn a pile of notes and drawings into a mood board or good looking organiser. Chickens have no excuse for mess really, if they had some pegs (and maybe opposable thumbs) they could be so organised and inspired. If I could cover a whole wall in wire for displaying drawings I would. So here’s the how….

I bought an old timber frame whilst thrifting and took out the old print and sanded it, the frame that is. I painted it in a crisp white semi gloss left over from renovations. I found some large chicken wire and cut with wire cutters to be the same size as the frame. I would recommend wearing tough, thick gloves because wire scratches and cuts like a cat with a bad temper. Using my staple gun I tried as best I could to staple the wire in place to the inside of the frame so that it would sit out from the wall and backing but in hindsight the wire is so mouldable it probably didn’t matter. I ended up just stapling it to the back of the frame on the longest sides. I then painted the wire with white paint. I used a brush. Once dry I stapled the burlap or hessian to the back of the frame and covered some wooden pegs in decorative papers and lace. It is really handy and I am going to make more with some other frames and patterned fabric.


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