Fairy garden for imaginative play


We actually made this fairy garden a while ago but it has taken me forever to find a fairy house. I finally settled on this old oil burner! It is the perfect shape, size and even comes with its own roof top pool, haha! Because quite a few of the ornaments in this creation are ceramic I would personally only let older children play with it, too much of a risk with the little ones. I have created a few different versions here that I think are suitable for many different types of storytelling and imaginative play. Firstly, it is obviously a fairy garden but it is also a fairy tale garden. We have decorated with ‘silver bells’ and ‘cockle shells’ to make it a nursery rhyme scene too. You could incorporate princesses and gnomes or maybe a group of smurfs would be happy here. We have also completely mixed it up to create a Jurassic park full of dinosaurs. We have plastic farm animals for when it will be a farm and jungle animals too. The ideas are endless and totally engaging for boys and girls alike. What about making some more sandy roads for some off road 4wheel driving! OK, that’s enough! Here’s the how to;

I found a medium size basket with handles that makes the garden totally portable so it can be moved depending on the seasons, weather and if it needs to be kept out of reach. I lined it with burlap and newspaper and then filled it clean soil. I gathered some natural moss from the garden but you could use pretend moss, leaves or grass if you don’t have any. Now to decorate; we made a sandy pathway and placed our fairy cottage at the end of it, then arranged our main items until we were happy with the layout. Moss was placed gently all around and pebbles lined the path. We made sure we left a bare area for the vege patch! We used a shallow lid as a pond and paddle pop sticks as the picket fence. The bright pink flowers are fake and colourful all year round, but the other flowers and “veges” are picked and “planted” every few days which actually makes it more fun. The “wheat” growing in the vege patch is just grass that has gone to seed, it will be “harvested” soon, haha! All the knick knacks have been found though garden stores, thrift and craft stores. We made a simple lace bunting to pretty it up. There is also a mini working watering can that gets used regularly to water the moss and veges. I really love the little sifter for sowing seeds and the bucket and spade. I have even more ideas for this project….. What do you think? Feel free to post photos of any of your creations on our facebook page.


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