Mini lavender farm


I will still be bringing you tutorials for the tea bag biscuits and other creations from the high tea but just thought I would share a little project I have been working on in the meantime. It is spring here in Australia and the perfect time to do some flower gardening and you know I love flowers, even better if they smell amazing. Could a flower get any better than that, well yes, it can! Lavender is a flower that can be used in so many crafts, cooking and home uses. I have been eagerly awaiting spring so that I can plant my own crop in the form of a mini Lavender garden ready for harvesting and making gifts for Christmas. I have another motivation and that is that my lovely chocolatier friend from Cocoa Jo’s has told me that if I dry some for her she will make me some lavender chocolate truffles, OH MY GOSH!

I am hoping to have around 10 lavender plants all settled in and happy soon. I have planted them around 60cm apart so that they can spread out. I have pink and purple lavender planted already and they have quite a few flowers that smell gorgeous so I have taken a couple of piccys and you will have to imagine the fragrance, so spring!


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