Crepe paper bouquet


Welcome to all the people who have popped over from the Down to Earth blog! It was such a lovely surprise today to find that Rhonda had so generously added us to her recommended reading list for this weekend. To say thank you I thought I would post a tutorial for a crepe paper bouquet I made. This bouquet would be perfect as a table centre piece, I think, and you could make it in any colour or colours you like. So here’s the how;

I used florist’s wire that I cut into suitable lengths, a Styrofoam ball, a crepe paper roll, sticky tape and pearl beads. I threaded the beads onto the wire and folded it over and twisted it a little to secure the bead. Now the next bit is hard to explain but you get it as you go. I gathered the end of the crepe paper strip and rolled it around the wire and bead gathering, shaping and ruffling it as I went. Once you are happy with the size of the flower and the amount of petals, cut the crepe paper and gather it around the flower base and secure it with tape. That’s the first flower done, now for the rest! After completing each flower I pushed the wire stem (about an inch long) into the foam ball. You will need enough flowers to cover about two thirds of the ball so that the foam cannot be seen once it is sitting in the vase. I used a large ramekin for mine as it let the flowers hang perfectly over the edge and disguised the foam. If you get inspired to make one of these bouquets feel free to share it on our facebook page!  


4 thoughts on “Crepe paper bouquet

  1. Beautiful flowers! I made some tissue paper flowers for centerpieces at my wedding, so I’m partial to paper flowers. I really love the big bead in the middle here and the color of the crepe paper. I also have to comment on your gorgeous photos. Very nice.


    • Thanks so much Catie 🙂 I really enjoy the whole creative process, from the ideas, to making, to photographing and editing. It’s all part of the fun. If you have a photo of your table centers, feel free to post on our facebook page. Love seeing creative decorations!

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