Tea bag biscuits

I promised you a tutorial for the tea bag biscuits and here it is! These were such a novelty at the high tea we hosted recently but now I’m thinking they would also make wonderful teacher thankyou gifts (If you have ever seen inside a staffroom you would notice all the tea and coffee mugs on everyones desk) or perhaps gifts for a neighbour or new mum. A male friend of ours jokingly commented that he probably wouldn’t like the tea made from these tea bag biscuits………They are obviously for eating and not for making tea, although I must admit I did dunk my tea bag biscuits in my tea a few times just because. Anyway, here’s the how!

I used a recipe given to me from my chocolatier friend Michelle Jo from Cocoa Jo’s (seriously everyone needs a friend who’s a chocolatier!). I also found some recipes on the web that do the same thing, like this one on Taste.com.au for Christmas decoration cookies or this basic dough recipe.

Once I had made the dough and rolled it out to about 5mls thick I pressed and rolled some tulle gauze into it to create the woven texture you can see in the photos. I must admit though that once cooked you couldn’t really see it so probably don’t bother. Maybe you can think of another way and let me know? I then chilled it in the fridge. I was able to cut the dough into a grid using a tea bag as a measuring guide. Once the grid was cut, I trimmed off the top corners and used a straw to create a hole in readiness for the string and tag later on. I gently slid a knife or egg flip under the cookie and placed it on a lined baking tray. Bake according to recipe instructions, but keep an eye on them as they bake really quickly and I burnt a few that ended up being unusable. Once they are cooked and have cooled down, gently dip them in some melted chocolate and place on a lined baking tray and refrigerate again. Cocoa Jo tells me that cheap chocolate doesn’t need to be tempered but top quality chocolate does, interesting fact. I used the cheap chocolate! Once the chocolate coating is set, gently loop though the string and staple some heart tags, or whatever you like, cut out of card stock. What would you use these for? Any ideas?




5 thoughts on “Tea bag biscuits

  1. You could use these for name label on yummy gift bags. Pipe the receivers name in a fancy colour and the label is sample of the contents without havingto tuck striaght in.

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