Easy cupcake toppers!

I have more pictures from the high tea coming soon but today I thought I would show you some very easy ways to decorate cupcakes. I am sure you have many ideas yourself and I would loooove to hear them, but until then, here are a few of the ways we decorated the cupcakes for the high tea. I am not a cake decorator or pastry chef so if I can do it, so can you! Before you study the pictures too hard please take note that it was a warm day and the buttercream was a bit soft :/

One of the easiest and favourite ways to top a cupcake is with Persian fairy floss. It is gorgeous stuff and feels like strands of hair as opposed to the cotton candy style. It looks prettiest when it is twirled on the top (mine’s a bit rushed). It creates height and a bit of wow. Very girly.

The second style I am showing you today is the ruffled buttercream top. It is really very simple and for the sake of keeping things doable I have even used a Multix disposable cake decorating set from the supermarket. I own a real piping set but I wanted to see how this cheap set went and I think it works quite well for little cupcakes. I know it’s far from professional, but we aren’t all professionals! I have included some steps for the icing in the pictures but essentially I spread a layer of buttercream over the cake and chilled it in the fridge. Once set, I used the flat nozzle and starting on the outside piped a ruffle all around the edge and kept going in a spiral pattern right into the centre. I placed the cupcake on a paper doily on my cake stand so that I could turn the cake as I went (and take photos! That’s the tricky bit!)

The third style for today is the ever popular paper topper on a toothpick. I cut out two matching paper hearts per topper. On the blank side of one heart I used double sided tape from the bottom to the top of the heart. I then stuck the toothpick along the tape and then placed another heart right side out on top. I separated the edges of the heart a little for a bit of flair. We used the hearts on the brownies just to lighten them up a bit.

So there you go. That’s three easy cupcake toppers for a tea party, bridal shower or baby shower. Very girly, but very sweet! Which one is your favourite?


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