Sticky note pinwheels!

I am so excited about this post. You know when you get an idea and say ‘DUH’, why haven’t I thought about this earlier! Well, this is one of those moments. I am busy making pinwheels at the moment for an upcoming party and I had a new pile of sticky notes next to me at the time. That’s when the two ideas collided. If I use sticky notes then I won’t need glue to post the sheets together and (hang on a minute! How many is there in this $3 packet? 400 sheets? That would make 200 double sided pinwheels or 400 plain ones! And I don’t have to cut out the little squares?! What! Here’s the how;

I wanted double sided so I chose my two coloured sheets and made sure the sticky sides were facing each other at opposite ends so I could stick the sheets together. I then cut from each corner about two-thirds of the way into the centre. I folded each corner into the middle and then using a small bit of glue, secured it down. I decorated each of mine with a thrifted button in a contrasting colour. If I was making them as cake toppers, I would attach a toothpick to the back. I will now be on the lookout for different rainbow coloured sticky note packets, although I am loving these neon, flouro ones. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Sticky note pinwheels!

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