Chocolate seedlings and mud pies

Welcome to the second blog post about the outdoor fun themed party we organised! The first post was a detailed explanation about how I made the sand cake, check it out here. Today I’m going to show you how I made little seedling pots and mud pies that were such as novelty for the kids and the grownups. One adult thought how lovely it was that we were giving out seedlings for the kids to take and plant, ha-ha, perfect! Here’s how we did it;

The seedling pots are actually a layered mousse pudding. The bottom layer is a rich mud cake, then there’s the homemade chocolate mousse and then some crumbled mud cake, all topped off with the very believable crushed Oreo dirt. I crushed the chocolate Oreos with the same method I used for making the sand for the sand cake. Once the mousse puddings had set in the fridge overnight and right before serving, I ‘planted’ some washed mint sprigs into the centres and dug little wooden spoons into the edge of each serving. I had written ‘dig in’ on the handles of each spoon, just for fun. These would also be perfect for a little girls party, just push paper or washed fake flowers into them and tie some ribbons around the pots, how cute would that be!

The second dessert I’m sharing today is the REALLY easy mud pies. These are just chocolate cupcakes that I iced with Nutella! That’s right Nutella! It is obviously not a suitable icing if you have guests who may have a nut allergy but if there are no nut allergies to consider, they certainly are delicious. I then used some of the Oreo ‘dirt’ and sprinkled it over the top. To party them up a bit I placed my handmade pinwheels on top. My pinwheel tutorial can be found here.

Do you like my labels???? I will talk about them more soon but they are going to be available to purchase digitally if anyone is interested. They are digital chalkboards I have made myself and can be customised to say whatever you like. Think of the possibilities! They would be great for market displays and labelling don’t you think? I will also be blogging about how I made my easy and cheap backdrop and table decor soon too. Are you liking this series? Anyone going to use any of these ideas?


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