Christmas stocking with faux fur

Hello again everyone, I hope you are enjoying this Christmas series. Today we are going to chat about the very important business of Christmas stockings. Not only are they a gorgeous Christmas decoration but of course for the little peeps they are a mysterious bag of surprises. Here is an outline of how we have made our Christmas stockings for generations including the fake fur top, very Chrismassy and so soft. Here is our traditional method;

  1. Cut out a template of your Christmas stocking out of paper, with an extra 1cm edge all round.  Using the template, cut out four stockings from the following fabrics:
    1. Fabric 1 is the “face” Christmas fabric – can be patchworked
    2. Fabric 2 is the “lining” which will not be seen
    3. Fabric 3 is the “back” fabric and can be a bold colour like red or the same as the face
    4. Fabric 4 is thin wadding & goes between “face” & “lining” or old, clean blanket or towel.
  2. Cut out a piece of faux fur which is 6cm deep and as wide as the top of your stocking template. At the edge where the fur is lose, make sure that you cut the fur backing so that the fur “falls” correctly and is NOT clipped.
  3. Pin wadding and face fabric together and top stitch at 3cm from the edge all round.
  4. Faux fur: Make sure that the mat of the faux fur is smoothing or falling “down” the stocking
    1. Sew it onto the face fabric (+ wadding) at the top of the stocking and down the sides
    2. Hand sew the material of the faux fur on the fourth side whilst not sewing in the fur
    3. Cut away as much of the three ‘sewn-in’ (and unseen) sides to reduce bulk
  5. Optional: personalise the face of the stocking with the child’s name or initial.
  6. Leaving the wadding fabric on the outside, pin the four fabrics together in the following order:  wadding, face, back and lining. Sew all four fabrics together 1cm from edge – and sew again
  7. Turn the stocking inside out so that the face and back fabrics are font and back and press
  8. Cut a 4cm strip of fabric on the bias to create binding to trim the top edge. Fold in the ends of the binding strip 1cm and press. Machine sew the strip around the outside of the top of the stocking and then hand sew the inside edge. Using spare fabric, make a loop that can go around a door handle and sew into place at the top, inside of the stocking
  9. Fill with gifts on Christmas eve and let Santa do the rest!!!

Will you be making Christmas stockings this year?


2 thoughts on “Christmas stocking with faux fur

  1. I had SUCH a sewing fail this weekend just gone that while I adore these, want them in my house even, there is no way I’m going to try. Haha. Great post.

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