Free printable for handmade gifts!

As you know I’m┬ábusy making handmade gifts for Christmas and have started to think about how I want to present the items when I give them to people.┬áSometimes my gifts are made by me or sometimes I buy handmade gifts … Continue reading

Christmas tree pop up card

Are you doing a handmade Christmas this year? How are you going with it? If you don’t have time to make gifts, always remember that there are lots of small handmade businesses you can support and buy from instead. As … Continue reading

Tissue paper backdrop

Eeeek! Hello everyone! I think that might be the longest I have been without blogging, just over a week? I have been so caught up with helping to organise a local Christmas market that I really had to stay off … Continue reading

Faux Crystal cake stand

Do you like my new cake stand? It cost me $11! It may look like a cut glass cake stand but it isn’t. It is actually made of acrylic picnic ware I purchased at Target on the weekend! The base … Continue reading

Fabric marker fun

Hello everyone! How are we holding up in the lead up to the busy season? If you are planning on making your gifts and decorations this year you are possibly already very busy as we all know these things require … Continue reading

Ruffle Christmas tree top

Hello again. It’s been busy here at Twiggy Nest but I managed to squeeze in this Christmas tree top this week. I love ruffles and you may be noticing that it is a bit of a theme throughout this Christmas … Continue reading