Ruffle Christmas tree top

Hello again. It’s been busy here at Twiggy Nest but I managed to squeeze in this Christmas tree top this week. I love ruffles and you may be noticing that it is a bit of a theme throughout this Christmas series. Who else loves ruffles? This upstyled tee has been made using stretch knit cotton that I cut up from another top that I had. I love cotton knits that don’t need over locking for edging and they curl naturally which is a bonus. I could have also used quilting cotton and over locked it which would have been sweet. I’ve taken some photos of the steps so here is how I made this tee;

I cut five strips of the stretch cotton knit about 1 inch wide and varying from around 10 inches to 2 inches long. I also cut a felt star and a felt base for the tree. You could use whatever colours you liked. I straight stitched along the top edge of all the fabric strips on the longest stitch setting and making sure not to backstitch at any point. I left extra thread at each end so that I could ruffle the fabric. To do this I separated the threads at one end and pulled very gently on one thread to ruffle the fabric, moving the ruffling down and then pulling on the thread some more to continue ruffling. Once the whole strip was ruffled I evened it out to the length it needed to be. I knotted the ends of the thread and trimmed the thread excess. I then placed the longest strip in the centre of the t-shirt and layered the other strips and tree base and star to see how it would look and rearranged it as necessary. Removing all the felt and fabric pieces except the longest strip, I pinned it in place and sewed across the top edge of it onto the tee, this time making sure to backstitch at each end. I then did each next layer one at a time making sure I pinned and lined it up so that the tree wouldn’t end up all wonky. I hand stitched button ‘baubles’, the felt star and the felt tree base on to finish it. This tee is for 3 years and up as the buttons and small embellishments could pose a choking hazard. If you choose to make a Christmas ruffle tree top feel free to post pics on our Facebook wall and let your friends know where you found this tutorial. More Christmas craft ideas to come!

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