Fabric marker fun

Hello everyone! How are we holding up in the lead up to the busy season? If you are planning on making your gifts and decorations this year you are possibly already very busy as we all know these things require time! Not all handmade gifts need to be ‘handmade’ by the giver, some gifts can be to encourage others to get into handmade and creativity. Giving the gift of inspiring creativity can be just as important as giving handmade, esp for young people. Today’s post is a great gift idea that could be approached a few different ways. Firstly for an older child you could give them a blank t-shirt or some plain canvas shoes and a packet of fabric markers and let them personalise their own clothing, they will probably think this is pretty cool. Another option is to let older kids create presents for their family or friends using fabric markers. Thirdly you can use fabric markers to decorate and personalise gifts for others for Christmas or birthdays like we have here. Here is how we made this tee;

I purchased some Sharpie fabric markers from a large office supplies store. The fluro and bright colours attracted me and I really wanted to try them out for a birthday pressie. I placed some plastic in between the layers so it didn’t go through to the back of the shirt. The trick to using the fabric markers is to hold the fabric taught or firm with one hand while you draw with the other so the marker doesn’t drag the fabric with it. I chose to use a paper doily as a stencil and stippled the markers around it (stippling is like stamping or dabbing the marker). The rest of the drawing was done by hand. Always follow the instructions on the packet for what minimum age can use them and washing instructions etc. What would you use them for? Do you think they would make a good gift?


One thought on “Fabric marker fun

  1. These markers are great. My sister got some of these to draw faces on the dolls we made to send to orphans in the Philippines. Normally I hand embroider dolls faces but these dolls needed to be robust and we needed to make 40+ of them so they also needed to be quick to make. We found fabric markers great for drawing faces & got all the dolls finished in time to be packed up and taken to there new home last week.
    I love the way you used the doily – it worked really well.

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