Tissue paper backdrop

Eeeek! Hello everyone! I think that might be the longest I have been without blogging, just over a week? I have been so caught up with helping to organise a local Christmas market that I really had to stay off the computer, sewing machine, craft tools etc. and focus my creativity on the market. Anyway, that’s done now so back to the blogging world! I have blog posts waiting to be shared but just haven’t had the time to edit the photos etc. I thought I would share another post today from the outdoor themed birthday party. This is all about the party backdrop but the technique here could easily be applied to photography backdrops, photo booth style images, weddings and more. It is really quick and easy but I think it creates a bit of drama for a dessert table or photography background and sets off whoever is in front of it. A backdrop can also make a dessert table look bigger. So here’s how I made this one.

I used my white photography backdrop as a base (a white block out blind). I then got some blue and white tissue paper and tore it into longs strips. Starting at the bottom I taped a strip of blue paper down along the top of the strip. I then taped a strip of white paper that overlapped the taped bit on the top of the blue so that no tape could be seen. I kept going up to the desired height. I hung the backdrop on some picture hooks that were already on the wall but I also used some hardware store strength double sided tape on the back of the backdrop and onto the wall that also held it up really well. The one I use is extra wide and didn’t damage the wall at all but if you do this you would need to check a patch first to make sure it didn’t damage the wall or fail to support the weight of the backdrop.

Once I had the backdrop up I felt it needed something else. It was drawing my eye upward from the table but there was nothing at the top of it to look at! One of the design rules with artmaking is how you take the eye on a journey around your image. It sounds all hippy but it is totally true! You probably don’t realise it but when you look at an artwork the artist is totally manipulating the way you see it, what you see first, second, and last in the artwork. If this backdrop was going to create height and lead your eye upwards there needed to be a reward at the top! With around half an hour before guests arrived I decided I wanted a yellow bunting at the top. I stupidly thought for a second about sewing one and thankfully decided against that and did the next best thing, a paper bunting!

I grabbed some yellow with white polka dotted scrapbooking paper and cut some triangles. I also grabbed some trusty twine from my stash. By folding over the top of the triangle, trimming the excess, sliding over the top of the twine and securing with tape, I had myself the mini bunting the backdrop needed.

So what do you think? Did it need the bunting?



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