Christmas tree pop up card

Are you doing a handmade Christmas this year? How are you going with it? If you don’t have time to make gifts, always remember that there are lots of small handmade businesses you can support and buy from instead.

As a high school teacher I always marvelled at the gifts the infants and primary school teachers would walk into the staffroom with at the end of the year! Little peeps just get gift giving, don’t they?! They love giving gifts, seeing people’s reactions to the presents and they especially love making gifts. As a teacher the gifts that meant the most to me where actually the hand written cards. The cards that said how much they appreciated all you had taught them during the year. Teachers love feeling appreciated. This card is a great way to say thank you in style. Get the kids involved (kids that can safely use scissors) and write all over the outside of the card or include a blank space inside for a thoughtful message. Here’s how to make one;

Cut four strips of green paper about 30 cm long or as long as a piece of scrapbooking paper. Each strip needs to be a different width from widest to thinnest. The widest can be about an inch, inch and a half (don’t stress about it) and the thinnest can be about 1 cm. Each strip needs to be folded as shown in the picture. The ends of the strips are then glued to the inside of the card so that the green side faces upward and fans out when the card is opened. Once all the strips were glued down, I made the base of the Christmas tree by cutting a rectangle of brown paper and folding each end inwards half a centimetre and then folding it in half with the brown on the outside. I then glued the folded ends onto each side of the card, far enough out that when opened it made a square shaped tree base. I added a star at the top and some presents underneath to embellish it. I think these make great Christmas cards for teachers, they will appreciate the effort 🙂

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