Lavender Christmas Wreath

lavender wreath main

Hello again! I thought I would share some of my handmade Christmas decor this year. Remember the mini lavender farm I planted a few months ago for its fragrance, craft benefits and hardiness in the garden? Well, I gave it a bit of a haircut and this is what I made with it! Now this has to be the best smelling craft I have ever made. Working with lavender is a beautiful experience on so many levels. Do they say the scent of lavender is calming? The lavender wreath I made today is quite large, I wanted it to look dramatic but I also had a vintage embroidery hoop that was the perfect size for this project and that is what ultimately determined the size. I have made one with a wire coat hanger as well and it works but you really need to make sure it is round before you start and that there are no sharp wire ends sticking out. I wanted mine to look nesty and rustic while also lending itself to my Christmas theme so I included some white feathers, silver rhinestone buttons (I would think small silver baubles would look nice also) and I tied it all on with some rustic looking twine. You could also use the herb rosemary for this or some small pine branches would look Christmassy too. Actually this method would work for lots of different things. I’ll have to see how it goes over the next few weeks but I’m thinking the lavender will naturally dry out and still look and smell beautiful. Here’s how I did it;


I gathered up my lavender sprigs. Just when I thought I had enough lavender, I needed to get more and more and more, you would be surprised by how much it uses. One at a time I grabbed a small bunch of lavender and placed a feather on top and tied it at the base of the bunch like a mini bouquet. I then threaded on the button and knotted it on securely. Starting at the top of the hoop I tied it onto again at the base of the bunch. With every new bunch I made I layered it overlapping the base of the previous bunch and tied it on. When I was almost back to the start again I carefully lifted the top of the first bunch to put the base of the last bunch underneath before knotting it into place. When I was placing my bunches I tried to make the most of the buttons by keeping them at the front or towards the inside while still making it look subtle and rustic, keeping it fairly random looking but symmetrical. Get it? Good.

I think I’m going to make this a tradition and do this every Christmas. I’ll probably change the bling each year and maybe an alternative to feathers. Maybe I’ll try fairy lights or fabric scraps while still using the lavender bunches. What do you think? Oh! And do you like my little 99c vintage bunny? I think he will pop back into more blog posts, he is just that sweet! Did you notice my subtle Jingle Bells music manuscript on the table? Another vintage thrifty find. I also have filled my decorative birdcage with silver baubles just for a bit of christmas sparkle.




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