Twine, buttons & washi tape gift wrapping


I thought I would share another easy gift wrapping idea. I started learning the art of gift wrapping from my Danish Aunty when I was a younger. She would always adorn our gifts with little extras. Sometimes it was mini sun creams for the summer holidays tied on with ribbon or maybe notepads or lollies but we always loved the little extra details that she added. I’m going with traditional colours this year as well as a natural theme, so my gift wrapping fits that style but you can tweak any of these ideas to suit your own theme. I do these decorative wrapping ideas for the adult pressies as they have small details that could be a hazard for little ones playing with the wrapping paper. Make sure your gift wrapping extras are appropriate for the age person you are giving it to.

Today I used twine, buttons and washi tape stickers to decorate my brown paper packages. I threaded the twine through some large buttons (sometimes a toothpick will help push the twine through the button holes) and tied them on and then just continued decorating, too easy! I’ve got more ideas to write about so make sure you subscribe to my posts as there might be quite a few this week! Feel free to post pictures of your handmade gifts, gift wrapping or festive decorations over on the Facebook page too.


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