Last minute gift, Butterscotch sauce

butterscotch sauce

I’m so freaking excited about Christmas tomorrow! I’m also looking forward to handing out my handmade gifts so that I can show you what I made this year. I have held back from writing about some of them because I didn’t want the receivers to see them on here or Facebook first. I want to post this last minute gift idea though as it is a very useful one to have up your sleeve. It’s getting very hot here in Australia now and this butterscotch sauce will be perfect drizzled on ice-cream (I have made lots extra for my own fridge, lol). If you are from a cooler climate it is also gorgeous on warm cakes or cupcakes, yummo! So here is how I made these saucy gifts.

I used the same butterscotch sauce recipe I used for this ice-cream cake a few months ago. I find it easier to make than caramel and I like the buttery, creamy, melting qualities that butterscotch has. I recycled some jars and covered them in polka dotted Christmassy contact. I then made a chalkboard label using some adhesive chalkboard vinyl I have but cutting out a rectangle and then cutting circular shapes off the corners to give it a bit of character. I topped the lids with Christmas fabric scraps and tied it with twine. If I received this I would carefully wash the jars out when they were empty and reuse the labelled jar in my craft space for buttons or notions, but maybe that’s just me. Have a fantastic Christmas spending quality time with loved ones, eating delicious food and celebrating all that you can be thankful for and I’ll chat to you again in the New Year when I’ll share some of my handmade gift ideas. Feel free to post you handmade gifts on the Twiggy Nest Facebook page for us all to ooo and ahhh over and tell you how clever you are!


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