BBQ Steak spice rub

BBQ spice rub

I’m baaaaack! Gosh I missed blogging but I had a lovely Christmas with my family and a great summer break of lots of swimming and eating yummy, scrummy foods. I’m pumped for 2013 too. I have way too many crafty ideas to have a go at and lots of them will be right here on the blog for you to follow along with. Coming up in January I will be planning and decorating a rainbow party for a special little miss, yay! I’m hoping it will be a bit a bit different from your classic rainbow parties, so keep an eye out for that! I have also been a part of the upcoming opening of Stash Creative Supplies, my new sponsor. Stash will be continually growing in 2013 and providing lots of materials and inspiration for crafty peeps like us! Anyway I could talk all day about the ideas in my head but let’s get to the things I made for Chrissy pressies this year. How did your handmade pressies go, if you made some?

Many Aussie blokes love a BBQ, including my brothers in law, so I thought I would make up some novelty Steak spice rubs for them to give their supermarket steaks a bit of a twist. Now you could totally make your own spice rub as there are many recipes out there, and although that would have been my preferred method, I have to admit to buying a premade spice rub due to lack of time. Oh the Shame! Anyway, here’s how I made them;


I used some empty beer bottles for this project and put salt and pepper shaker caps on them that I found on eBay. The caps are specifically made to fit certain types of bottle tops and just push into the bottles and snap into place. They can easily be removed later so that the bottles can be refilled when the spice runs out. I also made sure the spice rub was fine enough that it would easily come through the holes in the lid when used. To get the spice into the bottle I made a funnel using a rolled up piece of paper. I finished off the gifts with my handmade chalkboard tags and some red striped ribbon. You could also add some other items to the gift like BBQ tools, butchers apron, football tickets etc. These were quite a novelty when the guys opened them and I think they passed the Aussie bloke coolness test, Phew!


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