Pastel Rainbow Party

rainbow party collage

Hi all! It’s been a busy time with lots of lovely events to decorate including this pastel rainbow birthday party. I loved decorating this rainbow party. To take the edge off the bright rainbow theme I toned it down by using pastels which I think gives it a contemporary feel. We all know there is gold at the end of the rainbow right, haha. So I included some gold in the theme as well and would have liked to include more actually if I had had more time to shop for supplies. I really wanted to post some of the photos today and document how I made some of the decorating elements for this party; I’ll blog about the rest at the next post.

In the same week I did this party, I also needed to do the hanging decorations for a wedding so I was really busy with that and needed to come up with a cake idea that I loved but was able to accomplish without staying up all night baking. It was also the same day that we had record breaking temperatures here of around 45 degrees Celsius and it was not smart to go putting on the oven and working with fondant and buttercream in that crazy weather so……. I used two store bought double unfilled sponges and some premade icing/buttercream in a tub from the supermarket. I know! Many of you might be screwing up your faces and calling me lazy but I would rather put together a unique one of a kind cake that was special to the birthday person and not be stressed out, than try to do too much in a heat wave and end up freaking out the night before that it wasn’t going to get done in time. So I coloured the buttercream three different pastels, pink, purple and aqua and layered it in between the sponges being careful not to go all the way to the edge so that it didn’t smudge the outer white coat of buttercream. Once it was layered up and level, I did a thin crumb coat and put it in the fridge. Because of the crazy heat, I was putting it back in the fridge every 10 mins because the buttercream kept starting to melt. That night, with the aircon cranking, I started to pipe the buttercream into ruffles around the cake. They started out nicely and looked pretty and I got about a third of the cake done and the ruffles got droopier and droopier. Even my old aircon couldn’t help me with ruffled buttercream. Plan B! I got out my icing spatula, palette knife and smoothed it all down and I was pretty happy with the simplicity of it actually. Thank goodness I had made it that tall; it helped to give it a little elegance I hope. A while back, I had bought some butterflies on Etsy. They are made of something like the old overhead transparency plastic sheets? They bend beautifully, so I folded them a little to make them more realistic and placed them on top and balanced on the side. I also saved a couple and stuck them to the wall behind the cake to make it look like they had escaped! After the party, I just washed the icing off the butterflies (I don’t know how they print them but they are colourfast) and gave them to the birthday girl so she can do scrapbooking or card making with them or whatever she chooses. What do you think? Do you forgive me for buying the icing and sponge cake filling? It WAS a record breaking heat wave! More details to come.


One thought on “Pastel Rainbow Party

  1. This spread looks soo lovely. Very sensible using premade sponges and icing during our recent heatwaves. Well done indeed.

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