Three cheers for pom poms!


Hi everyone, sorry it has been so long! I have a few major projects running in the background at the moment that are keeping me away from blogging. I really like to diarise and document my creative process though so I need to keep up with it otherwise I forget the steps! I’ve still got parties on the mind though so will keep going with some of the projects from the rainbow party. Let’s talk about the woollen pom pom garland. This was seriously easy and looked very cute and festive. I grabbed some cheap colourful wool and a fork, yep, a fork! Here’s how;


You can see from the photos that I wrapped the wool around the fork until it was nice and fat. Then I got another (30cm) length of wool and tied a knot around the bunch through the middle gap in the fork prongs. The wool easily slid off the fork allowing me to cut through the loops to make it all fluffy. Sometimes it needed a bit of a haircut to tame some longer threads. How easy is that!? To make the pom poms into a garland I used a large plastic sewing needle and threaded the pom poms onto a long length of pastel rainbow string. I think I can use poms poms like this elsewhere too. What about white ones at Christmas?



3 thoughts on “Three cheers for pom poms!

  1. Hi, just letting you know I followed your instructions and made pompoms that didn’t fall apart! A nice change. Lol
    I also want to feature this post on my blog as part of my Treasure Chest Thursday post. I hope that’s ok!

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