Printable cotton fabric!


Shhhhh! Printable cotton! It’s been around for ages but people might not want to tell you about it. Why? Well, it’s like having your own little fabric printing factory at home and they might not want you in on their secret. You can use it to sew so many things. I’d love to show you all the pictures of things I have made but I didn’t take photos of them all. You know sometimes we just make stuff and don’t need to take photos of it! Anyway, I’ve made appliques, personalised self cover buttons, dolls, personalised cushions, photo quilts, gifts and more. I’ve included some piccys today to show you some examples of things I have made (and photographed).

So what is printable cotton? It is a cotton fabric sheet that comes with a stiff backing (sometimes paper) that allows it to be drawn up into the printer and printed on with an inkjet printer. The stiff backing then peels off leaving you with a piece of cotton with your custom print on it ready to sew into your next project. I have been using it for at least 5 years. I used to use printable canvas in the classroom when students wanted to print onto canvas to use in their artmaking. When you are using printable cotton you really need to follow the instructions to protect your printer and my advice would be to have some spare as I have stuffed up quite a few trying to get what I want for a project.

So the simple robot themed cushions I made have hand drawn sketches on them that I scanned into the computer and printed, 2 per A4 page, onto the printable cotton, then used to make the cushions.

For the girls cushion, I typed up some favourite song lyrics on the computer and printed them onto the cotton for the front cushion panel. Teamed with some Sarah Jane tossed toys for some special, personalised room décor. I have also made cushions with the kids names on them.


This embellished birthday tee has an applique I printed and using heat n bond as a backing, ironed and stitched it on and embellished with a fabric yoyo, pearl and lace.


I think these sheets might have some great possibilities for Mother’s day gifts, don’t you? Sooo many options, how’s your head?!


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