Easy way to clean silver!

silverware 1

It will be Mother’s day here soon in Australia and thinking about that made me remember an experiment I did with my mums silverware a few months ago. They were given genuine silver cutlery for their wedding ‘many’ years ago. This cutlery always came out for special occasions like birthdays or Christmas or guests. It was often my job to polish the silverware before such events and I was given a cloth and some polishing gloop that I had to rub on and then polish off. I don’t know what it was but it was certainly not natural. So, a few months ago, I was looking for something in her kitchen and I saw these pieces of silverware. They are so intricate and beautiful but with all its use it was literally black with tarnish. You know the black that genuine silver goes after a while. I remembered something I had read, I don’t know where I read it or I would link to it, sorry. It may have been in a magazine, but I thought I would give it a go and I was soooo surprised at its success and super excited that I had found a non toxic way to clean silver.

silverware 2

I got a toothbrush, cloth and toothpaste (yes, you are still reading the same blog post, stay with me) and ‘brushed’ the silver like you would teeth and polished it with the cloth. The toothbrush allowed me to get into all those little nooks and crannies, as it’s meant to do, no wonder my silver fillings are so shiny! Within about 30 seconds the change was amazing! I washed it under the tap and was gobsmacked when I put the polished one next to another tarnished one. You can see it in the picture. You can imagine it was addictive and I continued with a few more. I know toothpaste is full of chemicals of its own and isn’t a natural product but it’s got to be better than some of the polishing products surely? What do you think? As far as I know toothpaste polishing only works on real silver and I haven’t tried it on other metal surfaces so I’m not suggesting you use it on other materials and you will need to do a test on your own silverware. I am going to use this method on silver jewellery though and I am yet to try it with gold.


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